HIKROBOT SC2000E Machine Vision Sensor

The HIKROBOT SC2000E is a full featured vision sensor in an extremely compact form factor

The SC2000E machine vision sensor includes lighting, lens, image acquisition and processing, GPIO, and communications all in a sub-miniature form factor. The The SC2000E is compatible with major industrial networking protocols including Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, along with standard ethernet protocols TCP, UDP, FTP etc.

Despite its size, the SC2000E comes equipped with a solid range of vision tools including pattern and spot existence, counting, brightness analysis, contrast measurement, and can store up to 8 separate vision applications onboard!

In addition, the SC2000E has a wide range of options and accessories, including: Red / White / Blue light sources, polarisation filter, and HMI display units. The SC2000E is configured and operated with the freely downloadable SCMVS client software.

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