Machine Vision

Machine Vision

Our Machine Vision Components and Solutions

Alnico Systems provides turnkey machine vision solutions and machine vision components suitable for a wide range of applications. Check out our range of 2D machine vision cameras, 3D machine vision cameras, and complete AI enabled machine vision systems below.

Scorpion 3D Stinger white

Alnico Systems is the official distributor and integrator of Scorpion Vision products in Australia & New Zealand.

Scorpion Stinger™ is a family of machine vision components and products. They provide building blocks for OEM and system integrators. Scorpion 3D Stinger™ systems have been designed specifically to withstand the rigors of agricultural and industrial environments. 

The Scorpion Stinger™ family is extremely flexible, with solutions available for a very wide range of applications. Every camera is tailored to the application and factory calibrated prior to delivery.

machine vision camera

Hikrobot is a global supplier of Machine Vision Products and Algorithm Platforms. Employing over 1,500 staff in R&D, Hikrobot are committed to fast paced innovation of their hardware and software platforms.

The product range includes everything from compact smart code readers and vision sensors, 3D machine vision cameras, up to high speed AI enabled vision controllers.

Alnico Systems distributes Hikrobot products in Australia, offering turnkey machine vision solutions and also machine vision components.