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Optimise your warehouse operations

Alnico Systems provides a wide range of Automated Warehousing solutions, including ASRS, Shuttle Racking Systems, Goods to Person Systems (GTP), Goods to Robot Systems (GTR), Piece Picking Robotics, Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), and Warehouse Management System (WMS) Integration. All of our Automated Warehousing solutions are tailored specifically to the Australian market and safety standards. Our standardised solutions for handling totes, cartons, and pallets are designed to operate in ambient, chilled and freezer environments. We also offer bespoke solutions to suit your unique needs.

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Pallet Shuttle Systems

Alnico Systems provides turnkey pallet shuttle systems where high density pallet storage is a requirement. Pallet shuttle systems are best suited to applications where the number of SKU is low and the quantity is high.

2-Way Shuttle

Automated solution for storing and retrieving pallets in high density pallet racking (similar to drive in racking).

4-Way Shuttle

Automated solution for storing and retrieving pallets in multi lane high density racking. The 4-way shuttle is able to move in 4 directions which allows the shuttle to operate in multiple lanes without intervention by forklift or AGV.

Turnkey Systems


Alnico Systems provides turnkey automated warehousing systems, including system design, supply and installation of the pallet shuttle racking, pallet shuttles, AGV/AMR system, WCS, and WMS software integration.

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