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Hikrobot is a global supplier of Machine Vision Products and Algorithm Platforms. Employing over 1,500 staff in R&D, Hikrobot are committed to fast paced innovation of their hardware and software platforms. The product range includes everything from compact smart code readers and vision sensors, up to PC based vision controllers.

The camera systems support GigE, 10GigE, USB 3.0, CameraLink, and CoaxExpress communications interfaces, and application development is realised with the freely available Machine Vision Software (MVS). 

Prodyct Range

Smart Vision Sensors

The Hikrobot SC2000 and SC3000 series Smart Vision Sensors are full featured integrated devices with integrated light source, lens, and communications interface, all housed in an extremetly compact form factor. 

SC2000E Smart Vision Sensor

The SC2000E is an extremely compact, cost effective, and full featured vision sensor with a rich suite of integrated vision tools. The SC2000E comes with integrated light source, image acquisition, image processing, IO, and supports RS232 and multiple Ethernet protocols including TCP, UDP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and FTP.  The SC2000E is operated an monitored using the SCMVS client software.

The SC2000E is available 0.4 MP & 1.6 MP monochrome models, with optional:

  • Red / Blue / White light sources
  • Visible light polarisation mirror to filter out glare
  • SV/VT Series HMI display units

SC2000Pro Smart Vision Sensor

The SC2000Pro series smart vision sensors compact equipped with high precision positioning and measurement algorithms, and a large set of vision tools including feature matching, fixturing, brightness measurement, blob detection, various measurement functions, N point calibration, coordinate conversion, colour extraction, colour measurement, colour transformation, and many more.

The SC2000Pro supports RS232 and multiple Ethernet communication protocols including TCP, UDP,  Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, FTP. 

The SC2000Pro is available in 0.4MP or 1.6MP models, with optional:

  • Monochrome / Colour
  • 6mm / 12.4mm / 14.8mm focal length
  • Red / Blue / White / NIR light sources
  • Polarisation filter
  • Display Interface Modules
  • Vertical / Coaxial cable connection
SC3000 05

SC3000 Smart Vision Sensor

The SC3000 retains the same compact form factor and range of accessories and communication interfaces of the SC2000Pro vision sensor, and in addition packs more computing punch, and is programmed using the highly capable Hikrobot SCMVS software. 

The SCMVS client is a software application developed specifically for smart cameras. It supports visual inspection of real time images acquired by the device or images imported into the device. The visual solutions can be managed and edited in the software. Also, functions such as I/O settings, communication settings, time calibration, firmware upgrade, password settings and so on can be achieved in SCMVS.

SC7000 Smart Camera

The SC7000 series smart camera adopts proprietary deep learning algorithms from HIKROBOT, and the training environment is compatible with 3C electronics, metal, plastic, textile, photovoltaic, packaging and other industry products. It can provide sufficient support for detection, classification, and recognition in complex environments.
The computing power of the built-in high-performance deep learning platform can reach the desktop graphics card level, easily realising high-speed deep learning detection.

The SC7000 series smart camera supports RS232 and multiple Ethernet communication protocols including TCP, UDP,  Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, FTP. 

The SC7000 is available in 1.6MP or 6.0MP models, with optional:

  • Monochrome / Colour
  • 12.4mm / 14.8mm focal length integrated lens
  • C-Mount lens
  • Red / Blue / White / NIR light sources
  • Polarisation filter
  • Display Interface Modules

Area Scan and Line Scan Cameras

Hikrobot Area Scan and Line Scan cameras are available in an extra-wide range of image resolutions from VGA up to 151MP. All series are equiped with additional functionality including external trigger, advanced image, exposure, gamma, LUT, Binning, down-sampling, ROI, etc while also supporting a high range of working temperatures, input and output voltages, low power consumption, and multiple IO interfaces.

Area Scan Cameras

Hikrobot design and manufacture six different series of area scan cameras – CE/CA/CH/CB/CL/CS – spanning resolution from 0.3MP-151MP.

Compatible with GigE, 10GigE, USB 3, Camera Link and CoaXPress interfaces, Hikrobot area scan cameras provide excellent image quality by using high-quality CMOS and CCD chips.

Area Scan 02