SC7000 Series Smart Camera

SC7000 05

The HIKROBOT SC7000 Series combines deep learning algorithms and smart camera integrated design in one high-performance unit The SC7000 series smart camera adopts proprietary deep learning algorithms from HIKROBOT, and the training environment is compatible with 3C electronics, metal, plastic, textile, photovoltaic, packaging and other industry products. It can provide sufficient support for detection, classification, […]

HIKROBOT SC2000E Machine Vision Sensor

SC2000E 05

The HIKROBOT SC2000E is a full featured vision sensor in an extremely compact form factor The SC2000E machine vision sensor includes lighting, lens, image acquisition and processing, GPIO, and communications all in a sub-miniature form factor. The The SC2000E is compatible with major industrial networking protocols including Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, along with standard ethernet […]