Scorpion 3D Stinger™

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Scorpion Stinger™ is a family of machine vision components and products. They provide building blocks for OEM and system integrators. Scorpion 3D Stinger™ systems have been designed specifically to withstand the rigors of agricultural and industrial environments. 

The Scorpion Stinger™ family is extremely flexible, with solutions available for a very wide range of applications. Every camera is tailored to the application and factory calibrated prior to delivery.

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Scorpion Stinger™ 3D System

The Scorpion 3D Stinger™ System is designed to be used in 3D Stereo Vision
applications with or without structured light. It is compatible with the latest 3D version of Scorpion Vision Software and locates objects moving at very high speeds in 3D in real-time.

The system is comprised of an industrial PC running the latest version of Scorpion Vision Software, power supply, multiple cameras, laser and infrared projectors, enclosed in an industrial housing.

The unit is designed to be used in 3D Robot Vision, 3D Laser Triangulation, 3D Gauging, 3D Assembly Verification and other advanced Machine Vision applications.

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Scorpion Stinger™ 3D Foodsafe

The Scorpion Stinger™ 3D Foodsafe version comes with all the same functionality of the Scorpion Stinger™ 3D, with the addition of a rugged stainless steel enclosure designed to withstand the harshest of food production, and agricultural environments. 


Scorpion 3D Box Camera™

The Scorpion 3D Box Camera™ is a cost-effective, high performance and flexible industrial camera enclosed with integrated illumination. The camera is used for 3D image generation, 3D measurement and 3D objects location.

The 3D camera is provided in two basic versions:

  • A standard version with optional integrated White or IR LEDs
  • An RPP Camera version a red or IR version up to 250 mW
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Scorpion Stinger™ 2D Box Camera

The Scorpion Box Camera is designed to be used industrial applications. The Box camera is the ideal choice when you need to look at a specific detail in an advanced inspection or assemply verification task. The camera is used for crack detection, colour verification and 2D scanning.

It is connected to a PC with a GigE connection, POE (Power over Ethernet) or an USB3 cable. Every camera is factory calibrated to a task with specific resolution at the selected working distance.

Scorpion 3D Venom™

The global shutter Scorpion 3D Venom Camera excels in short to medium size baseline applications using a single colour or monochrome camera with resolution from VGA to 20 MP. Two virtual 3D cameras are created by a clever mirror design that focuses at a user specified working distance.

Target applications include ID tracking, object tracking, height measurement, object counting, assembly verification and more. Fast feature location and 3D image generation will support fast tracking framerates up to 200 fps.

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