Mobile Robotics

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Mobile Robotics Solutions

Hikrobot is a global supplier of Mobile Robotics equipment. Focused on machine vision robotics technology, Hikrobot has recently launched a series of Mobile Robotics products applicable in the manufacturing, automated warehousing, e-commerce and other industries. Hikrobot’s intelligent robot solutions enable significant increases in productivity in your logistics operations, while simultaneously reducing costs. 

Mobile Robotics

Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR)

Hikrobot provide a fully integrated suite of AMR vehicles including Latent Mobile Robots (LMR), Forklift Mobile Robots (FMR), Conveyor Mobile Robots (CMR) applicable across a broad range of applications in the manufacturing and intralogistics industries.

Coupled with the extensive range of hardware, is the proprietary iWMS (Intelligent Warehouse Management System) and RCS 2000 (Robot Control System). iWMS is used to seamlessly integrate the AMR solution into the higher level Warehouse Management Systems. RCS 2000 is used to build the map model of the system, and provide complete fleet management – even for mixed fleets.

Latent Mobile Robot (LMR)

The Latent Mobile Robot is an AMR product characterised by its lifting mechanism. The LMR has an optimized motion performance and enhanced safety functionality, and comes in a variety of models with options as per below:

  • 600-1500kg rated payload
  • 2D code / SLAM navigation
  • Rated Speed: Up to 2.0 m/s
  • Position Accuracy: +/- 10mm
  • 8-9 hours run time on single charge
  • Charging Time < 2 hours

Conveyor Mobile Robot (CMR)

The Conveyor Mobile Robot is an AMR vehicle fitted with one or more integrated conveyor modules. The CMR is designed to dock with machines, conveyors, tooling mechanisms, and other automated materials handling devices for product transportation. 

There are a number of standard models available, and customised conveyor designs are available to suit your particular application. Options include:

  • Roller / Chain / Belt conveyors
  • Multiple conveyor drives per vehicle
  • Payloads from 30kg – 1200kg
  • 2D code / SLAM navigation
  • 360° laser obstacle avoidance
  • Position Accuracy: +/- 10mm
  • 8 hours run time on single charge

Forklift Mobile Robot (FMR)

Similar in principle to a traditional AGV, the Forklift Mobile Robot realises all the superior functionality of an AMR vehicle, with a high-strength fork attachment. The FMR is ideal for the transport of unit loads such as pallets, IBC, pallecon, etc. 

The FMR adopts high precision laser SLAM navigation and vision based navigation which results in highly accurate +/-5 mm positioning and comes in a variety of models. Options include:

  • Up to 3000kg rated payload
  • Up to 3000mm lifting height
  • Min. Aisle Width : 2m
  • Omni-Directional Drives
  • Position Accuracy: +/- 10mm
  • 6-8 hours run time on single charge
  • Charging Time  : 1.5 hours