Post-Harvest Fruit and Vegetable Inspection

Alnico Systems leverages off the extensive experience that Scorpion Vision have gained while developing several post-harvest vegetable processing systems. Organic products vary naturally in shape, size and colour so 3D vision is the ideal technology to enable automated processing of these challenging products.


In order to trim the high volume of sprouts grown each year, the company was using a mechanical saw blade with smooth edges. However, due to varying degrees of wax and juice present in each sprout, the blade would not only dull quickly, but could allow for potential cross contamination between sprouts, resulting in a shorter shelf life.

Having identified the need for a more robust solution to trim the sprouts, through various testing it was concluded that vision guided robots would be a suitable replacement solution…


Mechanically harvesting swedes is not overly difficult but processing them once they have left the field typically requires small armies of workers to trim the roots and heads by hand. 

The labour costs of this very manual operation, even on minimum wage, are not insignificant. Furthermore, it is getting harder and harder to find workers willing and able to perform these types of manual tasks. So, as the market demand is increasing and the availability of labour is decreasing, the answer is automation…