Advanced 3D Vision for the Food and Beverage Industry

Advanced 3D vision and inspection systems provide food and beverage manufacturers with reliable inspection, verification and traceability solutions regardless of product size, shape and speed of line.

In addition to the traditional inspection applications for repeatable product on a manufacturing line, our 3D vision solutions are ideal for applications where the primary product is naturally variable in shape, size, and colour.

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Scorpion Vision Ltd worked with Stilton Cheese producer Long Clawson Dairy to solve an age old problem. Quite simply, the variable and odd shaped cheese portions are difficult to label automatically. Using a traditional mechanical labelling system, the labels were not applied in a repeatable fashion on the wedges and Clawson were reworking up to 80% of their labelled cheese products, which was expensive and inefficient…


Have you ever noticed how the bacon on your bacon burger is consistently of the same colour, shape, and size? Why do we never see burnt bacon I burn bacon at home all the time? The answer is an advanced 3D Scorpion Vision system!

Scorpion Vision Ltd has recently provided a high-speed bacon rasher inspection and counting system for the industry…