Inspecting 4500 Tortillas per Hour


Scorpion Vision Ltd built their first tortilla flatbread inspection system in the UK 10 years ago. The customer’s business has grown since then as a result and they are now  delivering multiple systems.  The system is placed in-line in a tortilla production line. The product is fed into the inspection system at a rate of […]

Scorpion Vision Bacon Inspector

Bacon1 16.9

Have you ever noticed how the bacon on your bacon burger is consistently of the same colour, shape, and size? Why do we never see burnt bacon I burn bacon at home all the time? The answer is an advanced 3D Scorpion Vision system! 16 Cameras Looking at 1300 Rashers of Bacon Per Minute Scorpion […]

Robotic Labelling of Cheese Wedges

cheese wedge 3d 16.9

Robotic Labelling of Stilton Cheese wedges is challenging due to their  varying size and shape. 3D machine vision is the solution. Scorpion Vision Ltd worked with Stilton Cheese producer Long Clawson Dairy to solve an age old problem. Quite simply, the variable and odd shaped cheese portions are difficult to label automatically. Using a traditional […]

Large Flatbread Inspection

biscuit2 16.9

A vision system is required to inspect large sheets of a hard flatbread product, post baking and before it is cut into the retail size. The product is on a wide conveyor so a series of cameras are required to monitor several conditions. The Scope The vision system’s job is to inspect the whole surface […]

Icing Gingerbread Biscuits

icedbiscuits 16.9

Fred Gabel of Scorpion Vision Ltd has developed a clever robot vision application that enables a robot with a biscuit icing depositor to accurately apply icing to a tray of freshly baked biscuits. The key here is the very localised 3D profiling of each biscuit. This must be very accurate so that the distance between […]