Automatic Leek Trimming


The Allium Ampeloprasum is a member of the onion family. it’s a wild plant, known by it’s common name as the wild leek. Cultivated, we eat a ‘domesticated’ version that we simply refer to as ‘the leek’. If you have ever prepared a freshly harvested, virgin leek for the cooking pot, you’ll…

Automatic Swede Trimming

Swede Trimming 02 1920x1080px

The humble swede  Mechanically harvesting swedes is not overly difficult but processing them once they have left the field typically requires small armies of workers to trim the roots and heads by hand. In a typical commercial swede trimming operation that processes high volumes, the labour costs of this very manual operation are not insignificant. […]

Robotic Brussels Sprout Peeling

Brussels sprouts1

In order to trim the high volume of sprouts grown each year, the company was using a mechanical saw blade with smooth edges. However, due to varying degrees of wax and juice present in each sprout, the blade would not only dull quickly, but could allow for potential cross contamination between sprouts, resulting in a […]